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    We Help Build Community

    Effective campaigns build community. A strong community is a giving community.
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    We Tailor Campaigns to Your Needs

    Because each church is different in its character and goals
  • We Guide You Through

    Church Development provides expertise and guidance
  • We Increase Stewardship

    We emphasize member involvement in campaigns and teach a spirituality of stewardship
  • We Actively Manage Your Campaign

    Nothing sets Church Development apart from other capital campaign firms more than this. We actively manage your church...

Welcome from our founder

Denis Greene introduces you to Church Development Watch the video

Our Beginning

Congo River float trip in 1979 leads to the founding of Church Development Watch the video

A Kick to the Gut

Imagine living each day feeling blessed Watch the video

15 Dec. 2017 Posted by Denis Greene in Church Capital Campaigns

The 7 Steps of a Successful Stewardship-Based Capital Campaign

We find that many churches rush into a capital campaign before the time is right. Let us show you the seven steps you should go through to ensure your church has a successful capital campaign experience.

2 Dec. 2017 Posted by Denis Greene in Stewardship

End of Year Letter

The three highest giving months for churches are January, May and December, and yes, tax season plays a factor in each. 

With this in mind, we recommend you send out an end-of-year ask letter to your congregation. As 25% of charitable donations are made in the month of December, and January is also a top giving month, an end-of-year ask letter is key to engaging consistent and irregular attendees of your church.

There's just one problem: Many people don't read what's in front of them!